Hattingen Hair Transplantation, Schaffhausen, Switzerland


Hattingen Hair Transplantation is: Dr. Laura Muresanu, Dr. Sever Muresanu and Prof. Dr. Dr. Voy and our medically certified technical team

The doctors are skilled to perform all aspects of a hair transplant. Principle duties are design and planning, anaesthesia, FUE punching, strip removal and suturing and slit making in the recipient with custom-made blades.

Our Tech team are medically certified and trained in-house to perform the cutting and slithering as well as graft placement, with a professional but caring manner.

We perform both FUE & FUT Hair Transplant Techniques, and consistently perform large FUT sessions in one day of 4000 plus graft on candidates with average hair and skin characteristics.

We have a multi lingual medical team and to ensure we provide the best education and care we employ native speaking advisor’s able to communicate in ……….

English, French, German, Swiss & Austrian Italian and Spanish

1. On line Email Consultations
2. Skype Video Consultations
3. Personal Clinic Consultations
and visit cities around Europe in France, Germany, Austria, England, Spain and Italy

Dedicated to Medical & Artistic Excellence in a caring environment and the highest quality of patient care

Contact us today for your hair loss and hair transplant needs and be assured of the highest standards of service and care


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Member of the ISHRS

Member of the ISHRS

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