Eyebrow Reconstruction With Hair Transplant Surgery

Eyebrow reconstruction can be made using surgical hair restoration techniques, FUE or FUT; the idea is to restore and redesign the eyebrows that are either natural low in density, scarred or totally missing

The lack of hair can be for a number of reasons, natural genetics, hair removal techniques, laser or electrolysis, aggressive plucking of the hairs or medical issues such a hormonal imbalance, thyroid

Eyebrow Reconstruction Using The FUT Hair Transplant Technique At Hattingen Hair Transplantation

Eyebrow Reconstruction Using The FUT Hair Transplant Technique At Hattingen Hair Transplantation

To restore the eyebrows requires donor hair that must be the individual´s own hair; this comes from what is traditionally used in regular hair restoration, the donor area; hair around the back and sides of the scalp

The eyebrows can need anything from around 50 to 350 hairs per eyebrow, obviously dependent on the amount of native eyebrow and the design; in respect of design it is best to follow the natural bone structure of the face and not try to create a “designer” look

One important aspect to consider is because the donor hair is scalp hair it continues to maintain the hair follicles natural growth properties, unlike eyebrow hair that has a short growth phase scalp hair will continue to grow in length and the eye brows will require trimming approximately once a month

Skill is required as the angle and orientation of the hair changes as the eyebrow grows from the bridge of the nose across the eye; this makes the slit making more demanding so as not to transect over adjacent slits but maintain a natural looking density

If the FUT technique is used it gives the advantage of being able to follow the natural hair curvature, this is not the angle of placement but the way each hair falls or lays as it exits the scalp

Because the hair length can be left longer when harvested with FUE when placed under magnification the curvature can be observed; this allows a uniform look, no misangled hairs, and a better coverage of each hair over the next

The procedure typically takes only a couple of hours under a local anaesthetic, dependent on the number of grafts required; even with the position of the eyebrow the procedure should be painless

Post operation there will be some swelling around the area and crusting over the grafted area; swelling can last a few days and the crusting will start to fall over the first 10-14 days with washing and natural healing

It is common that the transplanted hair falls out a few weeks post operation and then starts to regrow 3 months later, but to fully grow and mature can take around 12 months to achieve the full cosmetic result


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